Diamond Project:


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MSI leads a European consortium to optimize the performance and the system management for wastewater treatment.

The DIAMOND project aims to achieve the design, development, implementation and validation of new advanced systems for data management, monitoring and control.


Mondragon Sistemas de Información (MSI) leads a European consortium to develop a solution of advanced information management that improves the performance  of wastewater treatment plants. The Diamond Project, (AdvanceD data management and InformAtics for the OptimuM operatiON anD control of wastewater treatment plants) involving nine entities is funded under the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union and has a budget of 1.6 million euros and a completion period of two years (2012-2014). 


Today, almost the total volume of urban waste water generated is treated in most of the EU countries. However, a deeper analysis on the performance of most of the facilities of wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) existing,  evidence that there is still much to be done in terms of the quality of the effluent, the robustness of the process and operating costs.


In fact, whereas in the past one of the main  technical constraints in optimizing the operation of the plants was limited to the information about the status of the plant, mainly by the lack of reliable measurement instrumentation, currently, paradoxically, the problem is just the opposite; new online sensors more reliable are available in plants that provide  thousands of data and one of the main limitation for optimum operation is now the great difficulty the WWTP staff has to properly manage all heterogeneous, incomplete and sometimes inconsistent data of the plant.


The DIAMOND project aims to overcome the problem indicated above and achieve a standard of excellence in wastewater treatment management systems, addressing the design, development, implementation and validation of new algorithms and data management tools, monitoring and advanced control to facilitate the optimal operation of the WWTP. This objective is of great interest to the scientific and industrial community related to the WWTP.

MSI in Radar-ISE:


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Mondragón Sistemas S.Coop. has participated  in the project RadarISE which has been chosen as one of the pioneering initiatives in Corporate Social Responsibility in Europe, receiving the seal Enterprise2020 of CSR Europe.


The project RadarISE, led by Sinnple a Social Innovation Business consulting company located in Sebastian, has been chosen by the European program Enterprise2020 as one of the most innovative initiatives that contribute to sustainable competitiveness, collaboration between companies and their stakeholders and strengthen the European leadership in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility.


This tool allows companies to analyze the business opportunities related to CSR, innovation and sustainability. It is based on the analysis of the different business areas of the company (innovation, product, suppliers, HR, market, logistics...), that are contrasted with its strategy and allows to detect clearer opportunities in social innovation, whatever the company's experience in this field.


Enterprise 2020 aims to help companies achieve sustainable competitiveness, encourage intense collaboration between companies and their stakeholders and strengthen Europe's leadership in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Nuevo Proyecto I+D:


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Sistemas de Seguridad de la Información en la nube para proteger las Infraestructuras Críticas.


En el marco del Programa INNPACTO, MSI participa en el proyecto IS_INCLOUD, por el que se llevará a cabo el desarrollo de un Sistema de Gestión de Seguridad de la Información (SGSI) a través de la nube, especificado y validado por los usuarios finales, que permita la detección de alertas tempranas de ciberataques sobre las Infraestructuras Críticas.


Este SGSI constará de una serie de herramientas que permitan el análisis de toda la información relativa a las vulnerabilidades que pueden afectar a un amplio abanico de dispositivos empleados en los sistemas de control (SCADA y similares), así como los propios dispositivos de seguridad TIC con los que se gestionan las Infraestructuras Críticas.


La característica innovadora del proyecto será su provisión como un servicio en la nube, de modo que las organizaciones no necesitarán tener instalado un SGSI propio —con los recursos específicos que esto requiere—, sino que estará instalado en una compañía proveedora de servicios de seguridad gestionada, con la Infraestructura específica desarrollada para ello. Estos servicios se proveerán siguiendo los estándares de seguridad contemplados (ISO 27001, ISO 27000, S/CMM, etc.).


Teniendo en cuenta que la toma de decisiones en los sistemas de control y telemando de Infraestructuras Críticas se deben tomar en tiempo real, todas las acciones de defensa requeridas imponen unos requisitos a la herramienta que apoya el SGSI para que realicen un tratamiento de la información en tiempo real, sin que afecte a la actualización de la información utilizada para la toma de estas decisiones. De esta manera se permitirá la detección, el diagnóstico de los problemas y posibles vulnerabilidades de los sistemas de control sin afectar a la criticidad del funcionamiento de las mismas.


El consorcio del proyecto, liderado y coordinado por Ingeniería e Integración Avanzadas (Ingenia), cuenta con Mondragón Sistemas de la Información, S. Coop (MSI),  la Asociación Centro de Tecnologías de Interacción Visual y Comunicaciones Vicomtech-IK4 (Vicomtech) y la Universidad de Mondragón (MGEP) como socios participantes.

Cabe destacar, además, la participación de varios usuarios implicados en la validación del sistema y la explotación de los resultados del proyecto, como CCN-CERT, Andalucía-CERT, así como proveedores finales que gestionan las Infraestructuras Críticas.


IS_INCLOUD tiene un plazo de ejecución de 30 meses, habiéndose iniciado las actividades especificas en julio de 2011.


El El Programa INNPACTO está gestionado por el Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (MINECO), que financia proyectos en cooperación público-privada entre organismos de investigación y empresas, para la realización de proyectos de I+D+i orientados hacia productos explotables basados en la demanda de distintos sectores.




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Mondragon Sistemas participates as sponsor in WATERMATEX 2011, conferences that will be held in San Sebastian from 10 to June 22, 2011

WATERMATEX 2011   8th IWA Symposium on System Analysis and Integrated Assessement.


New patent for advanced WWTP control:


MSI has been granted a patent for an advanced automatic control system for a wastewater treatment plant.


The invention consists of an advanced control system adapted to a biological process in a biological reactor at a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP).


It is an advanced control system that includes the means for determining at least one target variable defining an optimum operation point, and the means for determining a set of controllable variables that affect this target variable. The remote control system pairs each target variable with a single controllable variable, and it includes a main control loop, associated to each target variable, which automatically and continuously adapts this paired controllable variable to certain changing conditions at the WWTP, in order to fulfil the requirements defined by the target variable. The main control loop is defined by a main set point value which selects a secondary set point value at each particular time by means of a main controller on the basis of the outcome of the comparison between the main set point value and a main measurement variable of the target variable; this secondary set point value is the value corresponding to the respective paired controllable variable feeding a secondary control loop.


The advanced control system allows the WWTP operation to be optimised, fulfilling quality objectives against the various external disturbances, improving the stability of the biological process, guaranteeing the quality of the effluent flow and significantly reducing the WWTP’s operating costs.



MSI from 2001 has the certification Quality ISO-9001. In July of 2010 certificate is had in:


·            ISO-9001                       Quality

·            ISO-14001                     Environment

·            OHSAS-18001                Security & Healt in the Work


Oficina en Argel:


MSI has opened a new office, in Algiers. The address is as follows:





ALGER 16000

Tel. +213 (0)552338304

New Identity:


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Mondragón Sistemas de Información has launched the creation of a new group identity under the MSI name, and we present our new:

Logo: MSI grupo        Commercial reference: MSI        Website: